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Below you will find helpful resources to guide you through managing and implementing your Citrix licenses. If you are looking for an overview of how to get your license, please visit the getting licenses page. If you are looking for information on Citrix licensing programs, please visit our licensing programs page.

Featured Resources

Learn about the features of the newly redesigned licensing portal.

The Manage Licenses toolbox provides access to a variety of tools that allow you to manage your licenses. Understand each of these tools to start the process of managing your licenses and license files.

How to change license renewal files using the New License Portal to work with License Server 11.3 or Older.

More Resources

Access product-specific guides, videos, how-to-documents, support tools, license agreements and other resources for XenServer.

Access product-specific guides, videos, how-to-documents, support tools, license agreements and other resources for NetScaler ADC.  

View license agreements for CloudBridge.  

This guide describes how to renew product licenses with Subscription Advantage Program membership and how to create a SA Membership quote. 

This document shows Citrix customers how to verify that they have a Service Agreement and how to locate the agreement number. 

This article provides steps to verify the product upgrade you are entitled to as a benefit of Subscription Advantage Program membership. 

This document provides instructions on where to locate and download product software. 

This document provides instructions on how to retrieve a Citrix user ID and password through the Forgot Your Password option on the Citrix login page. 

How to merge Citrix accounts held by your organization in the case of duplication, a recent merger or acquisition, office closure or any other reason. 

Get more answers to the most common technical support issues. 

Learn about how to get started with Citrix licensing, the licensing architecture, how to get and manage licenses and how to set up a clustered licensing environment. 

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  • Citrix Knowledge Center - Online self help resource with valuable information and instructions on Citrix products.
  • Citrix Technical Support - Make the most of your Citrix investment with benefits like 24 x 7 support, a Technical Relationship Manager and more.
  • Citrix Customer Service - Assistance with non-technical support issues and administrative issues such as account maintenance, Appliance Maintenance Program and more.