Australian home builder increases productivity and saves with Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN

Over the past 30 years, Burbank has grown from a small robust building company into a multi-award winner in new home construction. With the delivery of over 2.000 homes per year, Burbank is one of Victoria's top five volume builders.

There is much more to Burbank than just new home design and construction. The family-owned-and-operated Burbank Group of Companies is also one of Melbourne's market leaders in terraces, townhouses, and apartments.

The need for a new WAN solution

Burbank was expanding its business interstate, but costly WAN links providing access to centrally hosted business applications continually struggle with outages and brown outs. Employees working from Burbank’s branches grappled with severe performance problems and periods of downtime. With their current WAN contract renegotiation on the horizon, Burbank was looking for a way to leverage lower-cost links from alternate providers.

“We were spending a large amount of money with our provider for WAN links that were small and heavily congested,” said Amir Rohani, ICT infrastructure manager. “This impacted our users’ experience, especially in our branch offices.”

Delivering faster employee access over cheaper and faster WAN circuits

Burbank turned to Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN to meet its pressing needs. NetScaler SD-WAN allowed Burbank to bond multiple WAN links, including its MPLS links from the incumbent and additional WAN circuits from alternate more cost-effective providers. The introduction of additional bonded circuits improved the performance and reliability of the WAN, resulting in improved user experience and productivity.

“We started an SD-WAN POC immediately,” Rohani says, “and it brought an instant improvement to our user experience … by bringing in additional bandwidth and bonding it together.”

Improving network connectivity and reliability

NetScaler SD-WAN bonds multiple circuits together for additional bandwidth, which dramatically improved the user experience and built resiliency into the network. Now link brown outs or even full outages go un-noticed by users.

Reducing costs and providing network contestability

With the network renegotiation, Burbank proved that they could run business applications across tier 2 WAN circuits. This knowledge and comfort that came from the flexibility that SD-WAN provided put Burbank back in the driver’s seat and allowed them flexibility in choosing their WAN provider.

“We are now looking to renegotiate the contract with our incumbent telco, and NetScaler SD-WAN now gives us the flexibility to challenge the market and make significant savings for the business,” Rohani says.
Burbank is also looking to leverage their investment in NetScaler SD-WAN to help them move to Office 365 and enable their journey to the cloud.

Improving employee productivity and user experience

The additional bandwidth introduced through NetScaler SD-WAN means users are no longer competing with each other for access to business applications, which means they can now perform work tasks efficiently.

“NetScaler SD-WAN has provided a visible result for our end users, a nice thing for an IT department to see,” Rohani says.

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We started an SD-WAN POC immediately, and it brought an instant improvement to our user experience … by bringing in additional bandwidth and bonding it together.
Amir Rohani
ICT infrastructure manager
Burbank Homes


Key Benefits

  • Delivering faster employee access over cheaper and faster WAN circuits
  • Improving network connectivity and reliability
  • Reducing costs and providing network contestability
  • Improving employee productivity and user experience

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