Municipalities raise mobile security to the next level with XenMobile and ShareFile

On January 1, 2007 Equalit ICT Shared Service Centre was established by the municipality Oosterhout, to join forces with other municipalities and to cope with legal obligations and ICT ambitions. Through economies of scale offered specialized services that are not feasible for an individual municipality. Equalit supports more than 2.300 users, working in nine municipalities in the Environment Department Central and West Brabant.

The Challenge: Safe use of mobile devices

The advantages of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are also experienced by the participants of Equalit. Some municipalities decide this as an organization to buy into business, with other municipalities using private devices. "Working for example iPads has gradually emerged. Thus we had a dual challenge. First we and the participating municipalities were concerned about the security of our data on all those unmanaged business and personal devices, "says Martijn Langer, Coordinator of Operations & Service Desk at Equalit. "Secondly, we noticed that users needed to view mobile unit data and edit them above their own solutions as DropBox chose this. Our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) demanded that data had to be taken only in a secure manner. We went looking for a solution for managing mobile data and a safe alternative to DropBox."

The Solution: Citrix XenMobile and ShareFile

The choice fell on Citrix XenMobile and ShareFile. The solution was implemented together with PQR, a Platinum Citrix Solution Advisor, and is able to secure data on business and also privately purchased mobile devices without having to manage the privately purchased devices. "The first product that we already had experience with this, only offered Mobile Device Management (MDM). This would mean that users have to manage their personal devices and logically there was resistance, "added Langer. "The Citrix solution we could leave unattended devices, but the applications and data on it will maintain with the potential for Mobile Application Management (MAM)."

Cloud access to on-premise data

Modern firewalls offer opportunities to block applications, but the cloud is so dynamic that it is almost an impossible task. The File Share Solution is a much better alternative and safer than the various SaaS solutions like DropBox because the data remains stored in the data center within the organization. "We want security and the user wants convenience, these seemingly contradictory requirements are now filled with Citrix," added Langer increasing. "By providing access to the personal disk we take away the need for DropBox and we also offer a solution for users who want to access their department data on a mobile device." The employees use for this Citrix Worx Mobile Apps. With WorxEdit to include Microsoft Office and PDF files in the shared department container viewed on mobile devices and office files changed. The WorxMail client is very clear and allows the mobile to see the availability of colleagues and calendar events to capture.

Work and private life are associated with MAM

XenMobile through the organization offers apps from an internal Citrix appstore, which were then available on mobile devices in a Mobile Application Management container. Inside the container there is also access to corporate data such as department disks. "Everything in the insulated container is ours: we manage and monitor the content and remove all via a remote wipe lost or stolen," says Langer. "The device itself is the employee and which has continued all right, we have no policy configured. An employee may purchase a device of your choice and use business as long as there XenMobile on rotation. In this way will work and home perfectly."

Prepared for growth and flexibility

Equalit working for many years with Citrix XenApp, running on about 80 servers in its own data center, for the benefit of the thin client workstations in the various municipalities. Teleworking and secure access to this environment, the organization has two NetScaler into production. By XenMobile, the already planned expansion accelerated and there are virtual NetScaler appliances added. The organization can now increasing communication process because of the potential 3000 smartphones and tablets that can access and synchronize. Later this year, each employee has only one account to access the department data from all municipalities. An official can easily work for several municipalities, and also has mobile access to data from all municipalities.

Mobility for every employee

Equalit has more than 2000 licenses to the Citrix Workspace Suite, so that each employee can use at any affiliated church of all functions. On smartphones, the emphasis on mail and on tablets is all about data and apps.

We are very pleased that we use the whole stack of Citrix and that all components fit together so nicely. In this way we can provide our users with a special solution.
- Martijn Langer

Coordinatore delle operazioni e dell’assistenza


Informazioni su Citrix

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We are very pleased with Citrix. We experienced XenMobile as the standard in the market, with opportunities for an enterprise app store, the product is ahead of the competition.
- Martijn Langer

Coordinatore delle operazioni e dell’assistenza



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