Mobile device security and compliance

Deliver end-to-end, enterprise-grade MDM security


71% of surveyed IT organizations use Citrix Endpoint Management Enterprise for securing company email on mobile devices.

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Manage mobile device security risk with a complete mobile security solution

With so many different mobile devices and apps requiring access to corporate resources, protecting enterprise data is extremely complex. Citrix Endpoint Management offers a comprehensive EMM solution providing organizations with an end-to-end, enterprise-grade mobile security solution to protect mobile devices, apps, and data.

Get end-to-end security with Citrix Endpoint Management

Deliver secure mobile application management (MAM)

Citrix Endpoint Management offers comprehensive mobile application management (MAM) capabilities that no other EMM vendor can match in terms of features and scalability. In addition, Citrix Endpoint Management gives you different MAM options: secure application data either by leveraging device and platform controls, or by taking advantage of the Citrix Endpoint Management MAM-only approach. The MAM-only option provides an additional layer of mobile device security that doesn’t require device enrollment or management.

Provide mobile device security and unified endpoint management for smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops

Using a combination of different devices and endpoints to remain productive has become much more common in the workplace—and it only makes mobile device security more complex for IT. Support these users with Citrix Endpoint Management MDM, which provides IT with the ability to manage smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops—including including Windows 10 and Mac OSX devices—all from a single console.  

Depending on the device and platform, Citrix Endpoint Management MDM delivers device security controls and automated compliance actions:

Citrix XenMobile Enterprise gives us the ability to manage different device platforms securely.
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Extend your organization’s mobile device security with mobile threat detection

Accessing compromised websites from BYO devices can trigger malware infections and provide malicious apps with unauthorized access to confidential corporate data. Citrix Endpoint Management has partnered with Skycure to proactively manage such threats and enhance the BYOD experience by delivering a broader end-to-end mobile security solution. Upon flagging a device as non-compliant, Skycure for Citrix enforces the appropriate corporate policies, such as restrict access to a corporate network, install or remove configuration profiles, block or remove managed applications, change settings, or wipe the device. All this can be authored via a simple central management portal.

Citrix Endpoint Management and Citrix Content Collaboration

Provide mobile content management (MCM)

As users become more mobile, the risk of data loss increases. Fully supported by Citrix Endpoint Management, Citrix Content Collaboration protects corporate data through its mobile data loss prevention (DLP) and file sync and share capabilities.