Create smart workspaces with Citrix Workspace IoT

Citrix Casting with workspace hub

Digital and physical resources converge to deliver a context-aware workspace

Workspace IoT (Internet of Things) is the combination of digital and physical environments, where Citrix Workspace technologies come together to improve business workflows, user experiences, and solve real business problems while maximizing the benefits of enterprise infrastructure. With Citrix Workspace IoT you can provide new services that enable the secure delivery of apps and data within adaptive personalized digital workspaces. That means that the right data, resources, and things come together to optimize insight and work execution.

Introducing Citrix Casting

Securely stream all your apps from a mobile device to a large screen connected to a Citrix Ready workspace hub

  • Instant login and session roaming from mobile device to large screens
  • “Tap-and-go” security using smart cards – no special hardware required
  • Wireless docking solution – no adaptors needed  

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The introduction of beacons, mobile apps, and sensors are making it easier for employees to work, whether in an office building or remotely, and for companies to increase both productivity and office space utilization. When combined with virtualization, mobile, and cloud-based technologies, these “smart offices” can determine where an employee is located and automatically connect and configure the right “things” (such as printers, monitors, or VOIP line), apps, and data to securely deliver the optimal workspace. The value is measurable. For example, in a smart meeting room with IoT devices, at the push of a button workers can join scheduled meetings or create an instant virtual meeting without having to worry about connecting to screens, audio or other devices, saving time to get the technology working. The IoT workspace provides real data on when and how facilities are being used so companies can better focus their investments.

Digital transformation in healthcare is about patient care, and less about interacting with technology. Citrix Workspace IoT provides healthcare clinicians fast and contextual access to information, data and applications within a patient space. EMR overhead can mean doctors see as many as 50% fewer patients. Imagine if caregivers can move rapidly from room to room without log-on time and automatically update records, such as patient and provider names. Inside a patient room, the device not only displays the EMR app, but can also collect data like a temperature via Bluetooth and forward the data to the EMR app. Integrating the patient workflow and IoT devices to save even two-to-four minutes equates to $1.5M more billings per month for a medium-sized clinic—and doctors can focus on the patients instead of the technology. 

As an industry, banking is turning toward new IoT technologies to enhance their branch customer experience and reduce operational costs. For example, some banks are using in-branch beacon technology to send customized offers right to customers' smartphones as soon as they enter the branch. They are also integrating mobile device technologies to increase teller productivity and better serve customers at the branch. Financial institutions expect 38% growth in revenue and 24% improvement in customer experience. Citrix provides the secure Workspace IoT technology and enterprise infrastructure for consumer banking services such as smart tellers and smart banking, without directly interfacing with bank customers.

Citrix Workspace IoT offers base analytics for monitoring and alerts along with managing events. Combine Citrix Workspace with Citrix Analytics orchestration to assist with the collection and correlation of contextually relevant data that can then be passed to your preferred business intelligence or analytics solution for further analysis. Then depending on the results of that analysis, the workspace can automatically deliver the appropriate experience to the user based on the data.

Citrix Workspace

  • Intelligent workpsace deliver measurable value to business
  • Workspace IoT improves patient care by removing the focus on technology
  • Bank of the future improves customer experience, increases productivity and reduces costs
  • Analytics from “things” improve user experience and IT efficiency

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