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Get Started Quickly with the AWS Accelerator Program for Citrix


Step 1

Initiate your trial of Citrix Smart Tools to access the POC blueprints to automate your XenApp deployments to AWS. Go to

Step 2

Join the AWS Accelerator Program for Citrix and apply for $5,000 in credits here.

Step 3

Follow the Getting Started Guide for AWS

The guide will walk you through Smart Tools to quickly create a simple POC deployment on AWS including:

  • Create a virtual private cloud (VPC) with public and private subnets. A NAT instance is also deployed to enable provisioned machines to access the internet.
  • Provision a domain controller and create a domain
  • Provision XenApp and XenDesktop Delivery Controller and Server VDA, which joins them to the domain
  • Install XenApp and XenDesktop and create a database and site
  • As an option, deploy NetScaler Gateway using a NetScaler VPX appliance, which you can subscribe to via AWS Marketplace  

AWS Accelerator Request

Customers evaluating Citrix on AWS may apply for complementary cloud credits to defray costs of conducting a trial or proof of concept.