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Formula One is a never-ending technology arms race to optimize performance. Citrix technologies help Red Bull Racing engineers collaborate in real time between track and factory, reviewing live car telemetry data to execute race strategy, and sharing graphically intensive 3D CAD data to aid car set up. This informs hundreds of decisions during the race and leads to thousands of design updates throughout the season. With Citrix, the team can drive collaboration, innovation and performance, on and off the track.

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Key benefits

Key benefits

  • Engineers at the track can view and manipulate graphically intensive files from remote locations around the world.
  • Specialists can monitor telemetry data from the car in near-real time, improving decision-making and car performance.
  • Red Bull Racing personnel at HQ and the track and third party vendors can all collaborate seamlessly and securely.
Customer story

Getting more eyes on every square inch of the car. 

For the Red Bull Racing team, every car is an evolving prototype. The car is instrumented with over 100 sensors that track everything from oil pressure to brake temperature to suspension loads. These sensors generate live telemetry feeds that inform decisions during every minute of the race. Citrix technologies help the Red Bull Racing team keep up with this incredible amount of data and keep everyone on the same page.

With Citrix XenServer and XenDesktop, the car’s telemetry feeds can be viewed in near real time by specialist teams in the AT&T Operations Room in the U.K. This allows more engineers to monitor the health of the car in real time. Engineers can optimize configurations, race tactics and ensure the car is reliable, significantly improving real time decision-making on the racetrack.

Citrix technologies also enable the team to involve more specialists across the business—a huge gain. R&D, stress and composites engineers can give more in-depth feedback on performance of a specific part and inform the future design process. Engineers can even log in to see the data from offsite and keep up with the action without being in the Ops Room.

Empowering trackside engineers to work on the fly.

Citrix technology also makes it possible for engineering data to be viewed and manipulated at remote locations. With XenServer and XenDesktop, the Red Bull Racing team can host 3D and CAD data at team HQ in Milton Keynes, freeing up engineers at the track to work on VDIs without being slowed down by these graphically intensive programs. No matter where in the world they are, team personnel can work quickly and seamlessly, as if they were in the U.K.

Engineers at the track frequently work on car setup with new components delivered directly to them—some of which are fresh from the production facility, with a new design they haven’t seen in physical form before. With remote access to 3D CAD drawings, engineers can optimize the build and make key decisions quicker. They can also troubleshoot problems and recommend design changes for the next race. With so many graphics taking place virtually, laptops and IT hardware are no longer a single point of failure to run race strategy. This gives the team better protection from loss of data or equipment.

With Citrix NetScaler, the team can further safeguard its database and servers. Red Bull Racing uses NetScaler to connect external third parties without sacrificing security, reliability or performance. By connecting their supply chain to their systems directly, the team has reduced rework rates and accelerated the time it takes to deal with part non-conformance. The database now acts as the single point of truth, where everybody—internal employees and third parties—interact with one single database.

In a quest to optimize race strategy and performance, Red Bull Racing makes up to 30,000 design updates to the car each season. This never-ending process requires seamless collaboration with teams and specialists all over the world. By pushing technical boundaries off the track, Red Bull Racing can push performance on the track.

Formula 1 is all about continuous improvement. We are constantly striving to improve the performance and reliability of the cars throughout the season. We work with Citrix because they have a similar attitude to pushing boundaries, innovating, creating and being the market leader.
Al Peasland
Head of Technical Partnerships
Red Bull Racing
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