Our customers succeed with Citrix SD-WAN

Equipment supplier delivers agile infrastructure at scale with Citrix SD-WAN

Malux supplies lighting, communications and electrical equipment for hazardous environments. In remote offices, Malux noticed 40-50 milliseconds of latency was resulting in slow Office 365 application performance even with direct (but not Office 365 optimized) branch breakout because its traffic was being sent from Stockholm to the Microsoft edge site in Helsinki. With Citrix SD-WAN, they are able to deliver exceptional Office 365 experiences and create a new office anywhere in hours, not weeks or months.

When we turned on the Citrix SD-WAN for Office 365, our traffic started going to Amsterdam, latency went to below 10 milliseconds and we noticed significant user experience benefits.
Jörgen Norman

Worldwide provider of fleet management services saves on MPLS costs with Citrix SD-WAN

LeasePlan is a fleet management company based in Ireland with over one hundred branches all accessing the Internet through MPLS lines direct from their data centers in Ireland. They didn’t have enough bandwidth for video or Skype, and the whole network was really unreliable. With Citrix SD-WAN, the branches can access cloud applications using their local connection, and switch to the data center for hosted applications.

We’re pivoting really quickly towards the cloud, and with Citrix SD-WAN, for the first time, our IT infrastructure is ahead of our strategy.
Ronan Murray
Global IT Operations Manager

Australian home builder increases productivity and saves with Citrix SD-WAN

Over the past 30 years, Burbank has grown from a small robust building company into a multi-award winner in new home construction. With the delivery of over 2,000 homes per year, Burbank is one of Victoria's top five volume builders. There is much more to Burbank than just new home design and construction. The family-owned-and-operated Burbank Group of Companies is also one of Melbourne's market leaders in terraces, townhouses, and apartments.

We started an SD-WAN POC immediately, and it brought an instant improvement to our user experience … by bringing in additional bandwidth and bonding it together.
Amir Rohani
ICT infrastructure manager
Burbank Homes

HMSHost dramatically reduces the volume of data moving across their WAN, translating into faster transactions

For restaurant management company HMSHost, delivering critical operating applications—point of sale, voice telephony, data—is key to their business success. They turned to Citrix SD-WAN for WAN optimization, application acceleration, storage replication acceleration, video caching, secure tunneling, quality-of-service assurance, and flexible centralized management—all in a single, unified platform. The Citrix SD-WAN product immediately impressed HMSHost’s IT group with its ease of use and ability to coexist in a production environment without disturbing the legacy optimization solution.

Manufacturer of Industrial robots needed to upgrade their network to use video or audio conferencing and share large design files

Yaskawa has led the world in industrial automation since the first Motoman robot in 1977. Yaskawa Europe has thirty offices and seven production sites connected using the best available WAN technologies in each location: MPLS lines, broadband, DSL, and even radio. Citrix SD-WAN provided them with a reliable connection for less allowing them to share large CAD files between locations. Using Skype for Business for video and audio conferencing helps Yaskawa improve internal collaboration, drawing on its most talented engineers wherever they are located.

As soon as we connected SD-WAN, even before we configured it, drawings that had taken 25 minutes to open were ready in just 5 – an improvement of 80 percent.
Andrée Bengtsson
IT Coordinator
Yaskawa Europe
We were interested in SD-WAN because it enabled us to inspect packets, it seamlessly integrated with Virtual Apps/Desktops, and ADC, and gave us a full end-to-end solution from a single vendor.
Whit Baker
IT Director
The Watershed

Addiction treatment center leverages Citrix SD-WAN for always-on network connectivity

The Watershed is a leading drug addiction treatment provider. They found themselves needing a way to reliably and cost-effectively maintain connections for all employees at its rehabilitation centers. Even with MPLS and broadband connections operating in an active/backup manner, there were delays with the failover connection and some clinical branches lacked failover measures. The Watershed chose Citrix SD-WAN to upgrades its network to ensure always-on connectivity - including voice call connectivity - for all employees in every location.

The Danish AgriFish Agency provides mobile connections to staff working at sea

The Danish AgriFish Agency's employees work at sea, where mobile coverage is extremely limited. Yet these crews still need access to IT applications, such as Microsoft Office, to perform their jobs and communicate with people on shore. Previously, sailing close enough to shore to get a solid mobile connection took crews away from where they needed to perform inspections, while satellite connections were costly. Now the sea crews use Citrix SD-WAN to automatically select cellular or satellite communication links, depending on local conditions, so that traffic flows across the best connection without any manual intervention.

Citrix SD-WAN consolidates multiple connections, so now the control vessel can make use of 3G/4G/LTE from all four cellular suppliers and satellite at the same time. The mobile coverage is increased dramatically.
Bjarne Lund
Team Manager for Infrastructure Development
The Danish AgriFish Agency

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