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Manage complete hosted services  

Introducing Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager

Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager is a comprehensive control panel used by Citrix Service Providers to simplify provisioning and scaling of hosted workspaces, improving operating efficiency and reducing management costs.

Hosted services automation

Manage at-scale hosted services solutions, including cloud desktops and universal support of hosted enterprise and line of business applications. Clearly see customers, provision services and simplify scaling – all through one interface.

Delegated administration for cloud desktops

Save time and money: delegate day-to-day cloud-based services administration within the service provider organization, to resellers, or even to customers. Enable helpdesks to quickly disable or enable customers and users, view password expiry and Microsoft Active Directory account status, plus investigate any user related issues. Customize views and functions for specific users and for diverse business needs.

Customer self-service for hosted services automation

Customers can self-select the cloud desktop services they want, and perform day-to-day account management without calling the service provider. Workflow approval streamlines administration while retaining final approval rights, controlling costs. Available in seven languages, CloudPortal Services Manager meets the personal needs of today’s global end users of cloud desktops.

Hosted services customer relationship management

View and update customer information, track changes and report usage.  Manage a hierarchy of customers and resellers with specific levels of access.

Flexible, extensible hosted services platform

Extend CloudPortal Services Manager to work with new and existing hosted services, plus integrate with an ecosystem of technology partners for additional functionality. Expand service offering catalogs by building custom services that leverage a mature and feature rich provisioning platform. Integrate with existing billing and business systems using an API or SDK.

Citrix partners with IT leaders to provide seamless integration with your CloudPortal Services Manager infrastructure