XenMobile management tools

Citrix XenMobile provides system administrators with self-service tools to test and solve issues in their XenMobile environment quicker.

XenMobile Analyzer

Minimize time on support calls with the XenMobile Analyzer – an all-in-one, cloud-based tool that allows administrators to analyze and troubleshoot your XenMobile environment.

  • Identify XenMobile server or client component issues.
  • Avoid end user backlash and improve the end user experience.
  • Simulate the XenMobile client protocols and ensure that your XenMobile environment functions properly.
  • Perform environment checks, advanced diagnostics, Secure Mail readiness, and server connectivity checks in one cloud portal.

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Demo of Citrix XenMobile Analyzer Tool

Self-service Auto-discovery Panel

Simplify device enrollment for your end-user. Enroll using corporate user names, passwords and emails. IT administrators can upload deployment information to the Self Service Auto-Discovery Panel without opening a support ticket.

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Deployment Handbook

Easily manage the deployment process with the Deployment Handbook, detailing instructions for EMM deployment use cases and topic recommendations that cover your deployment concerns.

  • Assess common use cases and questions to plan your deployment.
  • Design and configure your environment with Citrix recommendations.
  • Ensure smooth operation and monitoring of your running environment.

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